Sarasota National

Beginner and Novice Boot camp

Somewhat new to golf? Want to learn and understand the workings of golf swing in detail? Or do you simply want to refine your current golfing skills! If so, why not consider this 6 week boot camp specifically designed to get your golf game going in the right direction from the start. The first four beginning and novice clinics walk students through all aspects of the full golf swing, while the two finishing clinics touch on chipping, pitching, sand shots, putting and the scoring game.
Individual Cost: $250 for all 6 sessions
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Times: Wednesdays only starting in January 2024 with Limited Availability
Clinic Schedule:
Week #1: Setup and Elements of the Backswing
The downswing takes less than ½ second to complete. That’s little time to make any swing adjustments. This session starts briefly with posture and grip, and then continues with staying centered, and using the legs, shoulders, and hips, so that the body rotates as required before beginning the downswing. Purchase of the SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer Attachment is highly recommended! Available on Amazon.
Week #2: Transition and Weight Shift
A smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing is one of the most difficult moves to master in the golf swing. In this session, drills used in the previous session are coupled with new drills in this session to engrain muscle memory and position your body well for optimum club/ball contact.
Week #3: Contact … The Moment of Truth
In this session we will address ball contact. A good golf swing all comes down to the correct angles when the club head meets the ball. A good deal of time is spent during this clinic on learning those angles and how these angles are best achieved.
Week #4: Distance and Direction
In this session we’ll review and reinforce what was learned about the full swing in the previous 3 sessions, with more emphasis on increasing distance and getting good direction.
Weeks # 5 and 6: The Scoring Game
The short game is also known as the scoring game. It is a game all in itself. In these two sessions, pitching, chipping, and putting are addressed in detail to significantly lower your overall golf scores.