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Learning Center short game Videos

A little about these videos before you begin.  If you’ve ever chanced to look, there is a plethora of free information and an equal amount of free golf videos on the Internet available to you dedicated to the golf swing. That said, it is easy to get lost in a sea of too much information that is oftentimes conflicting and difficult to understand.  What we’ve done here is reduce some of that information down to a few essential videos that focus on the basics. 

Though there are a great number of websites that offer valuable information on the golf swing, we’ve found these to be some of the best.  Each site provides a number of free You Tube videos with subscriptions, as well as paid for subscription packages available at a reasonable price.  Check them out for additional content. 

Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Bunkers

The majority of strokes that a player makes are within 100 yards of the green.  Thus a good short game is essential to lowering ones score.  In the following videos we’ll address the 4 major and fundamental parts of the short game, putting chipping, pitching, and bunker play. 

In this video from Clay Ballard at, putting fundamentals are discussed.  This includes the proper way to grip the club for the putting stroke, grip types, and how to get putts to roll end over end and toward the hole and without bouncing. 

In searching for basic videos on chipping and pitching I came across these two from Chris also has a YouTube channel that you can check out for additional content. His content is professionally done and easy to understand. 

In this video Chris, in just 10 minutes, fully explains the chip shot in excellent detail, from setup to execution to getting a feel for distance. This video and the next you’ll want to review over and over again, not only to ingrain the basics, but also to fix those pesky bad habits we all get into from time to time with chipping and pitching.  

The second video from Chris Ryan on pitching.  We often think of pitching as a mini-swing.  Though that is partially true, it’s not entirely so.  Thinking of the pitch as a mini-swing often results in fat and thin shots.  Chris explains how to execute the chip shot correctly, for best distance control, best strike results, and maximum ball spin. 

Getting out of bunkers; the bane of most amateur golfers.  In this video Danny Maude discusses how to get out of any sand bunker around the green.  He also provides us with a few drills to help in this regard. 

And lastly a couple of more videos by Danny Maude to supplement those of Chris Ryan above: 

We think you will find these extra videos helpful to really get a feel and understanding of how to play these very important golf shots!  Good Luck!