Cobra Darkspeed Max/X Fairway Wood

The Cobra Darkspeed fairway woods and hybrids use an L-shaped face that wraps around the front of the sole combined with an internal weight bar that’s suspended like a bridge low and forward in the head to create the ideal blend of high launch and low spin with more speed all across the face. The fairway woods include three models: There’s the oversized Max for low-profile forgiveness, the X for broad appeal with low spin and high launch, and the compact LS with a titanium body and face along with heavy tungsten weighting for fast speed with ultra-low spin.

Darkspeed X, $330 (15, 18, 21 degrees with eight-way adjustable hosel); Darkspeed Max, $330 (15.5, 18.5, 21.5 degrees with eight-way adjustable hosel); Darkspeed LS, $430 (13, 14.5, 17.5 degrees with eight-way adjustable hosel).



Cobra Darkspeed Max
Designed with the shallowest face and deepest front-to-back measurement, the Max is built for easy launch and stability on off-center hits (the two things average golfers need the most for a club that’s hard to hit off the ground). Thanks to the weight saved by the carbon-composite crown, there’s room for two sole weights, one in the deep center and one in the heel. Placing the heavier weight back boosts forgiveness, and moving it to the heel adds a draw bias to fight a slice.
  • The shallow face inspires confidence on tighter lies.
  • The wraparound L-shape insert improves on- and off-center face flexing for distance.
  • Expect Max to launch higher and with more spin compared to Darkspeed X.
  • 15.5, 18.5, 21.5 degrees (with an eight-way adjustable hosel)
Cobra Darkspeed X
The standard model in the lineup produces a neutral flight with a lower and more forward center of gravity than the Darkspeed Max. This should result in faster ball speed, less spin and a slightly lower flight. An internal weight bar is closer to the face and sole on this year’s model to push that CG even lower and forward. A carbon-composite crown saves as much as 17 grams to provide extra perimeter weighting and lower internal weighting.
  • The center of gravity is lower and more forward than in the Darkspeed Max for less ball spin and a slightly lower trajectory.
  • The face wraps around the sole to improve speed on shots struck lower on the face.
  • 15, 16.5, 18, 21 degrees (with an eight-way adjustable hosel)


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