TaylorMade Qi/Qi XL Iron

Although TaylorMade’s P-Series irons are aimed at better players, its new Qi and Qi HL irons are geared more towards those needing a little help. That is expertly achieved through a suite of technologies that combine to deliver optimal performance in each individual iron head. For the Qi HL irons, that includes lofts approximately 2 degrees weaker and club weights more than 20 grams lighter than the standard Qi iron. It fosters getting the ball in the air with ease while boosting swing speed through a lighter club weight.

$157 per club; $1,256 for set of 8



TaylorMade Qi

TaylorMade’s P-series irons have long overshadowed its game-improvement offerings, but that’s changed over time. The Qi is the latest leap. The iron incorporates a “cap back” that replaces the steel back of the clubhead with a composite badge. The badge provides the necessary reinforcement for the thin, flexing face, along with a pleasant sound and feel. The badge also reduces mass, allowing weight to be moved to dial in the proper center-of-gravity location. To assist sound, a damping system uses a softer polymer blend and multiple contact points across the face to channel away those pesky unwanted vibrations without slowing ball speed. The nickel-chrome plating adds a touch of class, too.

  • A “speed pocket” through the 8-iron enhances ball speed.
  • The shorter leading edge and longer blade length support the face and increases its stability.
  • A dual 360 undercut harvests weight that is moved to enhance forgiveness.
  • 7-iron: 28 degrees; PW: 43 degrees
TaylorMade Qi HL
The look is so elegant that you might expect to find this one in the bag of The Golden Bachelor (who does play golf), but substance is plentiful, too. The hard-to-hit long irons have a backbar that lowers the center of gravity and combines with a new slot design to promote higher launch. The short irons, however, have a backbar with extreme heel-toe weighting to boost forgiveness and a different slot to maximize ball speed.
  • The set runs from 5-iron through sand wedge.
  • The sweetspot is aligned with the “hybrar” damper to reduce unwanted vibration.
  • 7-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 44.5 degrees


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