Titleist TSR1/TSR2/TSR3 Hybrid

The new Titleist TSR hybrids continue the company’s legacy of making two different hybrids for two distinct player and player types. The TSR2 is for those with more of a sweeping hybrid swing who are looking for more forgiveness, while the more compact TSR3 targets players with an iron-like hybrid swing looking for workability. These updated models both reflect more neutral flights with increased off-center hit forgiveness.

$300; TSR1: 20, 23, 26, 29 degrees; TSR2: 18, 21, 24 degrees; TSR3: 19, 21, 24 degrees.



Titleist TSR1
This hybrid may look more like a fairway wood, but after Titleist engineers studied the potential market for a lightweight hybrid, they found that bigger is better. The wide sole is easier on the typical sweeping strokes made by players at this level, but more importantly this big-body hybrid provides stability on those all-too-common off-center strikes. The screw weight in back builds in dynamic loft to help shots start on a high-flying trajectory. A tip-flexible, shorter fairway-wood shaft provides high launch, and the overall lighter club weight instills control.
  • The lighter weight (15-gram lighter shaft) gives moderate-swing-speed players more control.
  • The larger wood-like size and wider sole provide forgiveness on mis-hits and turf interaction.
  • Expect higher launch and more backspin, which will help moderate swing speeds.
  • 20, 23, 26, 29 (a 16-way adjustable hosel)
Titleist TSR2
Making a hybrid forgiving, which usually requires a deeper center of gravity, can be a problem if it leads to shots drawing too much, especially for faster swings, but TSR2 emphasizes accuracy with its push for distance. A hybrid should be targeting a green just like the iron it replaces. Hence, the wider blade length on the TSR2 offers power and forgiveness and slightly shifts the center of gravity away from the shaft for a more neutral, on-target flight.
  • A wider heel to toe and deeper body encourages forgiveness and higher launch.
  • Favors average to above-average players who prefer a sweeping swing for their hybrids.
  • Heel and toe portions of the sole feature pockets of relief for improved turf interaction.
  • 18, 21, 24 degrees (with a 16-way adjustable hosel)

Titleist TSR3

If you want to design a better hybrid for good players, you could deploy a team of engineers to dissect the needs of low spin, controlled launch and power. Or maybe you just could ask Steve Stricker, who has been rocking an old-school Titleist 816 H1 hybrid since the Obama administration. When the Titleist team looked at upgrading this better-players model, they focused on the Stricker-played shape. Its lower and forward center of gravity works well with more of a steep, iron-like swing and provides more workability.

  • More compact shape and forward CG encourages a downward, iron-like, attacking swing.
  • Caters to players looking for more workability.
  • Adjustable sliding weight sits flush with the sole and has five settings heel to toe.
  • 19, 21, 24 degrees (with a 16-way adjustable hosel)


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