Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore/RTX Full-Face 2 Wedge

Cleveland’s follow up to its successful RTX ZipCore line features a larger ZipCore section (nearly twice the size) that allows weight to be removed and placed elsewhere to boost forgiveness, particularly in the high-low direction. A new finish combines with a laser pattern to optimize spin, particularly on shots where there is moisture on the ball or from the rough.

$170 for standard model (eight loft options), $160 for Full Face (seven loft options).



When you have a proven winner, the temptation is to make modest improvements and move on. Not with these wedges. The amount of weight removed from the lower heel and replaced with the company’s ZipCore compound is nearly double from last year. The compound is a quarter of the weight of the steel it replaces, saving 21 grams that has been moved elsewhere to position the center of gravity toward the toe. This slightly increases the moment of inertia in the heel-toe and high-low directions to help mis-hits.

  • Three different versions of ZipCore help maximize the weight saved by loft.
  • A new face finish uses sandblasting along with laser patterns for more spin.
  • 15 options (46-60, 64 degrees); 4 sole grinds; 1 finish


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