Cleveland CBX 4 ZipCore/CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge

Since its inception, Cleveland’s cavity-back CBX line of wedges have remained steadfast about being a logical choice for the 84 percent of golfers who use cavity-back irons. Still, not everyone wants to play a game-improvement wedge. In a nod to that reality, Cleveland’s latest version has all the help one could want but does so in a slightly more appealing package.

The CBX 4 ZipCore wedges cost $170 each in steel and $180 in graphite.



In 2017, Cleveland said that because 84 percent of everyday golfers were playing cavity-back irons, it made little sense to play with a wedge that didn’t match the rest of the irons in the bag. That led to the development of the wider-soled, cavity-back CBX wedge. Since then, the line has built on the original premise, adding more features along the way. The latest is the introduction of a loft-dependent face finish that increases friction at impact and combines with sharper, tighter spaced grooves for more spin.

  • Lightweight ZipCore material in hosel optimizes the CG placement.
  • Large face with a high toe allows for mis-hits to be mitigated.
  • Heel-toe V-shape sole creates forgiving turf interaction.
  • 15 options (44-60 degrees); 3 sole grinds; 1 finish


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