Cobra Darkspeed Iron

Cobra seeks to build on its Aerojet irons with its follow-up, the Darkspeed. More than just a modest tweak, the Darkspeed makes meaningful moves forward with a new hollow-body construction that is filled with a lightweight foam. Combined with a revised internal “bridge” and face design it results in perhaps Cobra’s longest iron to date.

$143 per club; $1,144 for set of 8


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You’ve heard the phrase “pound for pound, the best”? That would apply to Cobra’s R&D team. Although outnumbered and out-budgeted by the biggest companies, Cobra continues to innovate in meaningful ways, and this iron is the latest example. The face of the hollow-body irons, designed with the help of a supercomputer, is 1.5 millimeters at its thinnest, providing explosive ball speed. Inside the cavity is a soft polymer (used in underbody coatings in cars) to dampen vibrations. It’s also available in the One Length shaft option, which accounts for nearly 30 percent of Cobra’s iron sales.

  • The face is 21 percent thinner than Aerojet predecessor, resulting in more ball speed.
  • A weight bar is welded onto a single post, allowing for the bottom of the face insert to flex.
  • Grooves are milled into the face to ensure exact specifications.
  • 7-iron: 27 degrees; PW: 42 degrees


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