Odyssey Ai-One Milled Blade Putter

Odyssey borrows some of the variable face thickness ideas generated by artificial intelligence that have fueled the driver designs of parent company Callaway in recent years to reimagine how its putter faces might work. The result is two new putter lines, one featuring an aluminum-backed urethane face insert and the other a milled titanium insert, and each uses a distinct and asymmetrical thickness pattern to create more consistent off-center distance control.

Ai-One ($300) will be available in five options: The #1, Double Wide DB blades, and the Rossie S, #7S (slant neck), and #7CH (crank hosel). Ai-One Milled ($450) will come in eight versions: One T and Two T in blades; Three T, Six T, Seven T DB (double bend shaft), Seven T CH (crank hosel), Eight T and Eleven T in mallets.



A titanium face on a putter would seem to make as much sense as a 6.2 liter V8 Hemi in a Dodge Caravan. Titanium is what makes driver faces hot, and a hot putter face seems like a recipe for binge drinking, but think again. Titanium is thin, light and strong—the kind of alloy that has great flexure properties. Flexing matters when you’re trying to create a putter face that intricately responds to the slightest variations in thickness, all created through artificial-intelligence simulations. Those thicknesses yield similar roll across the face.

  • The lightweight, flexible face is designed with varying thicknesses to improve consistency across the face.
  • Double milling the insert allows users to sense mis-hits while maintaining the consistent rollout.
  • Classic blade shapes include the more rounded One and the more angular Two.
  • Two models (One T, Two T); head weight: 355 grams; lengths: 33-35 inches; loft: 3 degrees


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