TaylorMade P·790 Iron

TaylorMade’s fourth-generation P·790 irons continue the trend of bringing high-speed face flexing and a progressive approach to forgiveness across the full set in the guise of compact shaping that better players prefer as much as those aspiring to be better players. Again, the key is a hollow construction, but among the more dramatic improvements is how slugs of tungsten are used differently through the set. The 30-40-gram pieces are set horizontally and low on the long irons to provide better launch, while on the middle irons a chunkier piece rests vertically out toward the toe to improve stability on off-center strikes. There’s no tungsten on the short irons (8-iron through gap wedge) to allow the center of gravity to progress higher with each higher loft to optimize spin and prevent shots from ballooning.


$200 per club; $1,600 for set of 8



The third generation of TaylorMade’s flagship iron has a thin face that hits harder than T.J. Watt sacking a quarterback. TaylorMade engineers used artificial intelligence to run through some 600 iterations of its clubhead design, leading to the use of different internal weighting: low in the 4- and 5-irons to help increase launch, toward the perimeter to foster forgiveness on the 6- and 7-irons and no internal weighting for the 8-iron and higher. These design gymnastics are not just for performance gains but for improving sound and feel, too.

  • A sound stabilization bar combines with an internal foam to deliver enhanced feel.
  • The 4140 forged high-speed face is 1.56 millimeters at its thinnest for increased face bend.
  • Trailing-edge relief on the soles of the 9-iron and PW encourage workability.
  • 7-iron: 30.5 degrees; PW: 45 degrees


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