Titleist T100/T150/T200/T350

As they have in the past, Titleist’s biennial iron launch includes four models in ascending order of how much help they provide the user, but this time with a renewed emphasis on improved feel. The compact tour-focused models, T100 and T150, use internal heel and toe weights made of super-dense D18 tungsten to provide extra stability for a typical players iron to improve forgiveness and feel. The T150 is hotter thanks to its stronger lofts and a channel behind the face that helps add some spring. The versions for more regular types are the T200 and T350, both also with healthy chunks of super-dense tungsten in the heel and toe to provide stability on off-center hits. The T200 still slightly favors the compact end of the spectrum, while the wider-sole and larger blade on the T350 make for the most forgiving option. Both use a variably thick face insert for more ball speed and a redesigned polymer backed structure that’s closer to the face for a softer feel while enhancing ball speed and launch.

$200 per club (steel); $217 (graphite); $1,600 for set of 8



Titleist T100
A proven performer has little need to make drastic changes. This does not mean the latest T100 hasn’t undergone any improvements. The dual-cavity design uses super dense D18 tungsten (which weighs about 1.5 times more than lead), allowing for precise center-of-gravity placement in each iron without sacrificing the premium forged feel and pleasing shape the T100 is known for. Engineers worked with tour pros and the grind experts in its wedge department to smooth and soften the trail edge of the sole to allow the club to move faster through the turf.
  • Precision CNC face-milling process leads to more consistent contact.
  • Fully forged dual-cavity construction produces a solid feel at impact.
  • True Temper AMT Tour White shaft is lighter in long irons, heavier in short irons.
  • 7-iron: 34 degrees; PW: 46 degrees
Titleist T150
The secret sauce that makes this players iron pack plenty of power is not just stronger lofts than the Titleist T100. A channel behind the face adds the kind of extra zip that is sure to excite better recreational players. Sacrificing feel and forgiveness, however, was not an option: The use of dense tungsten and a slightly thicker topline and sole bolster stability. Also, the lower portion of the face is a shade thicker than the T100 to enhance feel.
  • Variable bounce sole assists with turf interaction.
  • Lofts are 2 degrees stronger than T100 for more distance.
  • Works as a blended set with T100 short irons.
  • 7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 44 degrees
Titleist T200
The T100 is the most-played iron on the PGA Tour, so it’s easy to see how some might view the T200 in a lesser light. Nothing could be more wrong. This club has undergone a substantial overhaul. A ball speed boost comes from a face that wraps around the sole for extra flex at impact. A more stable frame, dense tungsten weights and a revamped polymer core and support-bar structure behind the face improve ball-speed consistency on mis-hits, too. It’s no wonder some PGA Tour pros use these for their long irons.
  • Same blade length (and offset) as the T100 and T150 make blending sets easy.
  • The dual-tapered face design improves deflection and reduces dispersion.
  • A polymer core is positioned closer to the face for improved feel.
  • 7-iron: 30.5 degrees; PW: 43 degrees
Titleist T350
A shift away from an undercut-cavity design to a hollow-body platform signals a transformational upgrade from its T300 predecessor. The hollow design houses the polymer-core structure (previously on the back of the iron), moving it closer to the face for better performance and feel. Also different from the T300 are super-dense tungsten weights in the heel and toe. This feature not only triggers more stability but contributes to ball speed and helps maintains feel. The high-strength steel face features that same alloy as the T200 and L-shape that overlaps into the sole for extra rebound at impact.
  • A longer blade length improves stability.
  • The variable bounce sole is inspired by Vokey wedges.
  • The tungsten weights are brazed to the body, eliminating weld beads for more precise CG placement.
  • 7-iron: 29 degrees; PW: 43 degrees


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