Titleist TSR1/TSR2/TSR2+/TSR3 Fairway Wood

Titleist TSR lineup of metalwoods is the company’s latest versions of a lighter weight driver, fairway wood and hybrid with the driving purpose of creating easier launch through both head design and shaft weight. But while they clearly were designed with moderate swing speeds in mind, the company is finding some not-so-moderate swingers might want to consider these as an option, too.

$350 (15, 18, 20, 23



Titleist TSR1
Targeting players who swing less than 90 miles per hour, this fairway wood focuses on weight but not how you might think. The TSR1 is 30 grams heavier that it used to be. Much of that extra mass helps to keep the center of gravity low and farther back for launching the ball higher. The extra mass also improves stability on mis-hits. Forgiveness and making it easier to launch the ball are two things this type of player needs.
  • Though 30 grams heavier than last year, this model is still the lightest Titleist fairway wood (20 grams less than the TSR2 and TSR3).
  • A deep, centered weight increases stability on off-center hits and elevates launch.
  • Designed for naturally higher flight with mid spin.
  • 15, 18, 20, 23 degrees (with a 16-way adjustable hosel)
Titleist TSR2
This all-around user-friendly design should fit most golfers with its focus on forgiveness, ease of launch and maximum ball speed. The head’s internal weighting results in the lowest center of gravity in a Titleist steel fairway wood ever. Freeing up the interior space around the hosel provided more mass that’s positioned in a flat weight that sits slightly forward in the lowest part of the head. This provides better energy transfer by lining up the CG with the center of the face. It also helps to reduce spin.
  • This model targets players with average swing speeds or faster who are looking for off-center-hit forgiveness and easier launch.
  • Expect this model to launch with less backspin (and more potential distance) than its predecessor, the TSi2.
  • A high-strength steel alloy in the face provides the potential for more distance.
  • 15, 16.5, 18, 21 degrees (with a 16-way adjustable hosel)
Titleist TSR2+
The problem with looking for a fairway wood to serve as your alternative driver is compromising its playability off the ground. This fairway wood doesn’t stray too far from its mission as a backup club for those shorter, tighter driving holes. First, its 190-cubic-centimeter size and the deepest center of gravity of any Titleist fairway wood automatically establish stability. Its taller face also makes for a bigger trampoline for tee shots. Still, its size and easier launch make it a more effective choice than driver off the deck.
  • The larger size and taller face make it a good driver alternative on shorter holes.
  • It features the deepest CG of any Titleist fairway wood for extra stability on off-center hits.
  • Its strong loft provides more ball speed potential than standard 3-wood lofts.
  • 13 degrees (with a 16-way adjustable hosel)
Titleist TSR3
Titleist’s most adjustable fairway wood combines the 16-way loft- and lie-tweaking hosel with a weight pad in the sole that lets users choose from five center-of-gravity locations from the heel to the toe. The weight pad has more settings across a wider range, and its placement is deeper within the head to provide more forgiveness and a higher launch. The weight pad is also lower and more in line with the center of the face so that shots launch with less spin and more speed.
  • An adjustable sole weight pad lets players toggle among five settings that range from fade to neutral to draw.
  • More settings means more precision, but the weighting is also deeper for extra stability.
  • Expect slightly less spin and a flatter launch angle than with the TSR2.
  • 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18 degrees (with a 16-way adjustable hosel)


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