Cobra 3D Printed Putter

Cobra is jumping into the putter market with both feet and a heavy emphasis on the technology of bringing more consistency to even the most inconsistent strokes. One key to both the new King 3D Printed line and the King Vintage line is greater perimeter weighting for higher moment of inertia (MOI) to make mis-hits roll out like center hits. Another is the descending loft face technology through Cobra’s partnership with SIK putters where the loft changes from four degrees at the top of the face to one degree at the bottom of the face. The idea is that regardless of whether a player is hitting upward or downward at impact, putts will launch off the face at the same ideal degree. Most notable is the use of a 3D printed intricate nylon structure in the King 3D Printed line, which saves significant weight that in turn is used to bolster MOI while maintaining sound and feel.

King 3D Printed, five models ($350); King Vintage, seven models ($250).


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As any 6-year-old schooling us at Volcano Mini-Golf reminds us, putting is easy. Cobra knows better, and that’s why these putters are engineered to compensate for erratic strokes. Custom 3-D printed internal structures save mass that is used to monumentally increase stability on off-center hits for better distance control. The face has staggered lofts from top to bottom to ensure that wherever we make contact, our putts launch the same way. Take that, rug rat.

  • Weight saved through 3-D-printed nylon internal structures shifts to the perimeter for consistency on mis-hits.
  • A soft aluminum face insert uses descending lofts from top to bottom for consistent launch and roll.
  • Line features face-balanced and slant-neck options to fit straight and arcing strokes.
  • Three models (Agera, Agera RS, Supernova); single bend, plumber’s neck, slant neck, armlock options; head weight: 345-422 grams; length: 34-35 and 38 inches (plus custom); loft: 1-4 degrees


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