Titleist Vokey Design SM10 Wedge



The new SM10 line is beyond complete with plenty of options for those savvy enough to get fit for wedges. The center-of-gravity location received particular attention. The smaller profile and shorter hosel lengths (on lofts 46 to 52) help drive the CG low to make the transition from short irons easier. In the 54- through 62-degree models, the CG has moved up, forward and toward the center to promote a lower, more controlled flight. The “spin milled” grooves have been updated and when combined with a texture between the grooves increase spin by as much as 300 revolutions per minute.

  • Patented groove-cutting process provides higher, more consistent spin.
  • Heat treatment is applied to the impact area, doubling the durability of the groove.
  • 25 options (46-62 degrees); 6 grinds; 3 finishes


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