Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select Blade Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select Blade Putter



Someday we want someone to talk about us the way Scotty Cameron talks about his putters. His tone about these blades seems to emanate from a cathedral, and why not? Their dominance in the milled-blade marketplace isn’t an accident. Cameron and his team comb over every detail and resource to improve these designs without changing them. Subtle tweaks like milling out sections of the plumber’s neck and the iconic “cherry dots” redistribute mass to heel and toe sole weights. Cameron says that makes his blades “as forgiving as a large mallet.” Sweet talker.

  • Milled from 303 stainless steel, the hosel options include plumber’s neck on most (jet neck on Newport 2.5 Plus).
  • Heel-toe sole weights match head mass to shaft lengths.
  • Dual milling pattern on the face (deep mill followed by mid mill) creates consistent energy transfer with soft feel.
  • Six models (Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus, Newport 2.5 Plus, Squareback 2); head weights: 345, 355, 365 grams; lengths: 33-35 inches; loft: 3.5 degrees


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