Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II/ZX5 Mk II/ ZX7 Mk II Driver

Srixon’s latest family of ZX drivers includes the compact and more workable ZX7 Mk II; the larger footprint, higher-launching and more forgiving ZX5 Mk II; and the new ZX5 LS Mk II with its similar larger size but more forward weighting for reduced spin. The trio again benefits from the “Rebound Frame” construction introduced with 2021’s ZX drivers. “Rebound Frame” refers to how the face is surrounded by alternating stiff and flexible regions to create more energy transfer to the ball on both on- and off-center hits.

$500. ZX7, ZX5 (9.5, 10.5); ZX5 LS (8.5, 9.5, 10.5).



Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II
This sleeker overall shape mixes forgiveness with an extra emphasis on low spin. Although the standard model spreads its adjustable weights to the extreme perimeter, this tour-level version shifts the heel and toe weights to a more forward position in the sole. Supported by lightweight carbon-composite panels on the crown and sole, a centered rear weight still adds forgiveness for mis-hits, and both the back weight and the forward sole weights sit at the level of the sole to lower the center of gravity for less spin. The new titanium alloy in the face produces higher launch and further reduces spin.
  • This compact, low-spin model places two adjustable weights toward the front of the sole to lower the center of gravity.
  • Carbon-composite panels in the crown and sole create room for a low back weight that adds stability on off-center hits.
  • This driver should produce a lower ball flight relative to the standard model.
  • 8, 9, 10.5 degrees (with an eight-way adjustable hosel)
Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II
This model combines the large, confidence-inspiring shape of the standard ZX5 with the low-forward center of gravity seen on the ZX7. An eight-gram weight positioned forward in the sole helps to make this the lowest spinning of the three models. Its neutral ball flight and mid- to high-launch angle caters to more aggressive swingers looking to max out distance. With the weight forward in the sole, expect a little less forgiveness on off-center hits compared to the standard ZX5 but somewhat more than the ZX7.
  • Larger profile (similar to ZX5) with more of a flattened crown shape.
  • The forward eight-gram weight in the sole helps to reduce spin and lower launch compared to the standard ZX5.
  • Expect a more neutral to slight fade-biased ball flight compared to the standard ZX5.
  • 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 degrees (with a 12-way adjustable hosel)
Srixon ZX7 Mk II
A compact shape with a taller face, this model is built for high-speed, high-skill players who like to maneuver their tee shots. Generally, you’ll see the lowest launch of the three models here with more of a neutral to fade-biased ball flight. Further adding to its emphasis on control are the interchangeable weights in the heel and toe of the sole (one at eight grams and the other at four). They let a player shift the center of gravity in the head to favor more of a draw or a fade.
  • The shorter front-to-back measurement favors players who prefer to work their tee shots.
  • The lowest launching of the three drivers in the family.
  • Two different weights for ports in the heel and toe allow players to tweak ball flight.
  • 9.5, 10.5 degrees (with a 12-way adjustable hosel)


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