Callaway Jaws Raw Wedge

Wedge designer Roger Cleveland has created a new Callaway Jaws Raw wedge with a raw face and the most aggressive grooves of any wedge from the company to enhance spin. Tungsten weighting is used for the first time in a Callaway wedge to provide the proper balance. Two finishes are available.

Four grinds, including a new Z Grind. Seventeen loft/bounce combinations per finish—Raw Face Chrome and Raw Black Plasma. Cost is $179 in steel and $189 in graphite for each wedge.



Golfers dream of sucking the ball back like they’re playing walk the dog with a yo-yo. Callaway’s groove design is an effort to get players there. A 37-degree wall angle enhances the sharpness of the groove edge for extra grab on full shots. Micro-milled grooves between the regular grooves are milled at a 20-degree angle, helping spin on greenside shots. The variable-length hosels on the sand and lob wedges help control trajectory and improve forgiveness. Tungsten—used for the first time in a Callaway wedge—helps position the center of gravity in the middle of the face for enhanced control and feel.

  • Raw face allows for a direct impact between ball and grooves.
  • A more forgiving, low-bounce Z grind is an excellent addition to an already extensive lineup.
  • 17 options (48-60 degrees); 4 sole grinds; 2 finishes


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